Kailash Yatra by Helicopter via Lucknow

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Price : $1.00 : 180000.00

07 Nights / 08 Days

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Duration: 07 Nights / 08 Days

Location: Lucknow - Nepal Gunj- Simikot - Hilsa - Purang - Mansarovar Lake - Darchen - Yam Dwar - Diraphuk - Dolma La Pass – Zuthulphuk

Price: INR 1,80,000


Helicopter Yatra Ex. KTM 2021 Kailash Overland Yatra 2021 Kailash & Lhasa Yatra 2021   Kailash Helicopter Ex. LKO Yatra 2021


Why Kailash Yatra


Mt. Kailash, the sacred mountain and the abode of the Hindu god Shiva is one of the world's greatest pilgrimage destinations especially for Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and others. The breath-taking beauty of this sacred mountain and the holy lake of Mansarover along with ruins of 9th Century of Guge Kingdom in Far Western Tibet are a reward of a lifetime to experience. Recognized by and Popular among People as The Roof of the World, TIBET has fascinated humanity for centuries. This land beyond the mighty Himalayas, on the highest plateau of the world, was inaccessible to the outside world and has always been a challenge to all mortal beings as a unique destination: Tibet is a land of spectacular skylines, majestic mountain peaks, breathtaking canyons, serene high-land lakes, rolling pastures and farmlands & pristine Forests. It also is a land of ancient Buddhist culture, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails. Its snow-covered mountains and windswept plateau are the highest in the world. The world's highest mountain - Mount Everest, rises in southern Tibet. Ka-erh in western Tibet, with an elevation of more than 15,000 feet (4,570 meters) above sea level, is believed to be the highest town in the world.


The great lakes Manasarovar and RakshasTal which lie in the shadow of Kailash, are also manifestations of aspects of the Hindu religion and symbolize the water tanks at the entrance to every Hindu temple. Manasarovar, shaped like the sun and therefore symbolizing the light, is believed to be the lake formed in the mind of God, created to show the omnipotence of the mind of Brahma. This is why bathing in the lake and drinking in its water is a purifying process for Hindus and a way of reaching the Brahma's paradise. Just one drop of water from the serenely beautiful Manasarovar is said to set one free from the contamination of the poisonous world.


Fixed Dates for Kailash Yatra by Helicoptoer - Ex-Lucknow 2021








27 April

23 May (arrival ktm)

26th May (full moon at Manasarovar)

3rd , 7th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 27th, 29th

21 June (arrival ktm)

24  June (full moon at Mansarovar)

3rd ,6th,10th .16th, 18th, 24th

21 July (arrival ktm)

24 July (Full moon)

3rd, 10th ,22nd

19 Aug (arrival ktm)

22th Aug (full moon at Mandarovar)

8th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 28th

18th August (arrival ktm)

21th Sept (full moon at Mansarovar)

3rd, 5th, 8th, 15th

Note: Above date is Lucknow / Nepalgunj Arrival date and Full Moon (FM) will be at Lake Mansarovar 


Itinerary Overview:


Days itinerary




Day 1: Arrival at Lucknow and then drive to Nepalgunj


Lucknow – Nepalgunj – 225 hours (5 hours)

Lucknow- 123m; Nepalgunj- 150m


Day 2: Fly to Simikot - Hilsa - Taklakot

Simikot – Hilsa – 51kms (1 hour fly in helicopter)

Simikot- 2910m; Hilsa- 3640m;

Taklakot:  4755m

Hotel/Guest House 

Day 3: Rest in Taklakot for Accimatization

around Taklakot



Day 4: Taklakot to Lake Mansarovar

49.7km (3-4 hours)

Purang: 4755m, Lake Mansarovar: 4,590 m

Guest House

Day 5: Drive, Darchen to Yama Dwara - Then Trek to Deraphuk


Darchen to Yamdwar- 8kms, Yamdwar to Dhiraphuk- 10kms

Darchen   - 4670m ; Yamdwar- 4750m ; Dhiraphuk- 4775m

Mud House

Day 6: Dhiraphuk to Zuthulphuk



Dhiraphuk – 4775m, Zuthulphuk – 4700m

Mud House

Day 7: Trek Then Drive Back to Purang / Taklakot



Darchen   - 4670m, Taklakot:  4755m

Hotel/Guest House

Day 8: Departure



Hilsa-Simikot-Nepalgunj and then drive to Lucknow


Tour Itinerary

Day 01:  Lucknow Arrival Then Drives to Nepalgunj


Upon arrival in Lucknow. Please, furnish your arrival details to us in advance, so our representative can show his presence at the airport/railway station accordingly. From Lucknow, we have to make a road journey of presumably 225 km to reach Nepalgunj. The highway is not in better condition, so it may take at least 5 hours to reach there, which is a significantly long duration than you probably have anticipated. After reaching Nepalgunj, we check into hotel, and freshen up. Evening, at leisure on your own or wander around Nepalgunj. - Overnight at Hotel at Nepalganj


Day 02:  Fly to Simikot - Hilsa - Taklakot


 Early morning, at 5.00 a.m., transfer to Nepalgunj airport for your flight to Simikot. The flight between Nepalgunj and Simikot takes about an hour. The air route to Simikot passes over the remote mountain region of Nepal where whether often gets cloudy and notorious. Generally, the weather in the mountain area, in the morning, is calm and clear. This is the reason why we should fly to Simikot early morning. Simikot is situated at an altitude of 2910 m., this is an ideal place to make a night halt for acclimatization motive. Simikot has a STOL airport (Short Take Off and Landing) where only small aircraft can go. The aircraft, we fly from Nepalgunj, can carry only 15 people at a time. We stay overnight in Simikot or Taklakot for acclimatization.

- Overnight Sun valley Resort or Taklakot Himalaya Hotel or

- Nepalgunj to Simikot flight: 1 hour. - Aircraft type: Dronier or Twin otter - Carrying capacity: Only 16 people at a time.

 - Elevation of Simikot: 2910 m/9545 fts. - Expected temperature: day time:- 18 to 25 degree Celsius, night time:- 4 to - 2 degree Celsius.

 - Climatic condition: Generally cloudy & rainy


Connect Helicopter board on the helicopter. The helicopter flight from Simikot to Hilsa takes about 25 minutes (one way) only. The flight route passes through deep Karnali River-gorge and narrow remote valleys, where weather normally turns windy & cloudy from late morning onward. So, we try to operate more shuttle flights early in the morning and bring all group members to Hilsa. We operate Euro copter (B3) that can carry only 5 persons + 10 kg luggage at a time. Since, helicopter has limited capacity to carry, we request you not to carry any unnecessary stuff. We use two helicopters at a time, so we can airlift our group members to Hilsa as soon as possible. After all group members shifted to Hilsa by helicopter, you will cross the border then drive to Taklakot (Purang). As per the visa rule of the Chinese government, all group members should enter together and exit together. So, until and unless all members do not come to Hilsa, no one can cross the border. The drive from Hilsa to Taklakot takes about 45 minutes. The driving distance is about 27 k.m. - Overnight Purang Guesthouse (Old wing) - Simikot to Hilsa: by helicopter - Flight duration: 25 minutes - Carrying capacity: 5 persons + 10 kg baggage each. - Hilsa to Chinese immigration (Sher): only 10 minutes walk. - Sher to Taklakot: 27 km, 45 minutes drive by Bus. - Elevation of Taklakot: 4025 m./13202 fts. - Expected temperature: day time:- 22 to 28 degree Celsius/night time:- up to -3 degree Celsius. - General climatic condition: mild windy


Day 03: Rest in Taklakot for Accimatization


If the group members are properly acclimatized, we can proceed for Manasarovar today itself. - Overnight Himalaya hotel  or similar - Elevation of Taklakot: 4025 m./13202 fts.


Day 04: Taklakot to Lake Mansarovar


As usual, after having morning meal, we pack our belongings, then board on the vehicle and be ready to move towards Lake manasarovar. Right from the beginning, the highway commences making gradual ascend. The road still keeps ascending up to the High Pass, that lies before Rakshas Lake. The lake 'Rakshas' represents the devil force. This is where Ravana, 'the mighty King of Lanka', had performed a penance to lord Shiva for 5000 years. We will take a brief halt at the shore of Lake Rakshas, soak in views and take pictures; then continue our journey towards Lake Manasarovar. We check in to the Guesthouse of Lake Manasarovar (Chiugompa) then walk to the lakeshore for having sacred dip and performing pooja. After pooja, we will have afternoon meal; board on the vehicle then set off for circumambulation around the lake. The entire circumference of the lake is presumably 82 km, and it demands a minimum two hours to accomplish this part of the journey.

 - Overnight guesthouse 5 minutes walking from the lake .

- Taklakot to Lake Manasarovar: 88 km | one & half hour.

 - Elevation of Lake Manasarovar: 4550 m. /14,925 fts - Expected temperature: day time: - 22 to 32 degree Celsius; night time: - -3 to -4 degree. - Climatic condition: windy.


Day 05: Drive, Darchen to Yama Dwara - Then Trek to Deraphuk


Today is the highlighted day of our journey. The most exciting part, sacred circumambulation around Kailash, commences today from Yama Dwara. Morning, after breakfast, we depart from lake strand to Yama Dwara (also called 'Tarboche' in Tibetan) that demands approximately one & half hour to reach there. We should make a brief halt in Darchen because some travel documents obtained from local Police and Army officials as well as we have to make group entry in the region. From Darchen, it is another half an hour to reach Yama Dwara. Our Yaks, porters and horses are waiting here for us. Those who are making circumambulation around Kailash on feet can instantly proceed for Deraphuk; rest of members can commence their journey after taking their horse/s and porter/s. The Total walk to Deraphuk is for 4 to 5 hours but the timing depends on your own pace. The route is quite easy, flat but mild ascend. Those Pilgrims not going for Kailash Parikrama will come and stay back at Base i.e. Darchan (Himalaya Hotel or Similar)

Due to its extreme elevation, we feel tired while walking and need to have break very frequently.

- Overnight at Guesthouse.

- Lake Manasarovar to Yama Dwara: 45 km | 1 & half hour drive.

- Yama Dwar- Dirapuk: 10 km | 5 - 6 hour trek.

- Elevation of Dirapuk: 4920 m. /16,138 fts

- Expected temperature: day time:-12 to 18 degree Celsius/night time: - 5 to -8 degrees.

- Average climatic conditions: windy and partly cloudy & rainy.


Day 06: Deraphuk to Zutuphuk


 Today you have to cross a significant distance through the rugged portion of the trail around the mount Kailash before reaching  Zuthulphuk. You have to commence your journey from Deraphuk very early in the morning. Right from the initial moment, the trail commences leading you rapidly up, however in between it turns into flat with gentle ascend. Up to Dolma-La (5600 m.), the path keeps you taking up & up. Dolma La is the highest bit of this journey. From here onward, the trail leads you all the way down to the valley floor. This particular portion of the trek is a rapid incline and the track is full of boulders and screes, so one should pay continue attention while trekking down. While descending from Dolma La, we will pass alongside a small glacial pool, which is almost frozen during May through September. This is Gaurikund. The legend of this pool is connected with Mata Parvati, the consort of lord Shiva. Once we make descend journey to the valley floor, the trail becomes flat & easy.

The trail is easy and flat up to the Zutulphuk. - Overnight Norpel Guesthouse or Monastery guesthouse (Mud house) | dormitory.

 - Dirapuk to Zuthulphuk: 22 km | (8 - 9 hours trek).

- The highest point to cross over: Dolma La pass (5600 m./18,368 fts)

- Elevation of Zuthulphuk: 4820 m./15,810 fts.

- Expected temperature: 14 to 22 degree Celsius/ night time: -3 to -5 degree.

- Average climatic condition: windy


** Those Pilgrims not accompanying for the Trek will stay at Hotel in Darchan and enjoy various shades of Kailash with all Meals.


Day 7: Trek Then Drive Back to Purang / Taklakot


Undoubtedly, today is the most hectic day of your journey. You, yet to go for another 08 km walk to accomplish the circumambulation; then drive all the way to Hilsa. As usual after morning meals, you will pack up your belongings then be ready to move on to Darchen. It requires presumably 3 hours to reach the other end of the trail where our vehicle is waiting to fetch you up. After getting-together of all members, you will board on vehicle and proceed for Taklakot.

- Overnight stay at Taklakot  Hotel Himalaya or similar  

- Zutulphuk to trek ending point: 08 km | 3 hours.

- Trek ending point to Taklakot: 105 km | 2 hours.


Day 08: Taklakot - Hilsa - Simikot - Nepalgunj - Lucknow


It takes 45 minutes to reach Hilsa, where you have to go through the immigration formalities. From Taklakot, a military person will accompany the group to escort towards Hilsa. After having luggage checked and going through some formalities again in the boarder, you will cross over the suspension bridge of Karnali river, then enter into the territory of Nepal then fly to Simikot.

Taklakot to Hilsa border: 27 km | 45 minutes. - Hilsa to Simikot flight by Helicopter | 25 minutes.

Fly to Nepalgunj by aircraft then continue drop to Lucknow

- Simikot- Nepalgunj: 45 minutes flight. 

- Nepalgunj- Lucknow: 184 km | 5 hours


Cost Include


·         One night hotel in Nepalgunj on twin sharing with vegetarian meals (twin sharing)

·         Necessary arrival / departure transfers in Nepalgunj (very normal vehicle available here)

·         Lucknow - Nepalgunj- Lucknow transfers

·         Nepalgunj - Simikot- Nepalgunj air ticket (fixed wing- Twin otter aircraft OR Dronier)

·         Simikot - Hilsa- Simikot by Helicopter (only 5 or 6 persons 06 kg baggage per passenger)

·         Domestic airport taxes (all sectors)

·         Tibet group visa and travel/trekking permits

·         Guesthouse in Tibet

·         Indian vegetarian meals during the tour in Tibet (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

·         Transportation in Tibet by Bus

·         Tour around Lake Manasarovar on green vehicle (not the vehicle we take from Taklakot)

·         English speaking Tibetan guide

·         Tour Manager

·         Necessary supporting crew (Cook, Sherpa from Nepal)

·         All necessary Kitchen & camping equipment

·         Yaks & Yak men during the Parikrama to carry foods and baggage ONLY

·         Oxygen for emergency use

·         Medical kit bag / First Aid kit

·         Humla region restricted area permit & royalties (US $ 40 per person or equivalent)

·         All applicable taxes & service charges


Cost Exclude


·         Riding Horse during the Parikrama

·         Your travel insurance

·         Insurance for emergency rescue & evacuation (helicopter cost, hospital bill, vehicle bill etc.)

·         Personal expenses & bottled drinks

·         Tip for guide & driver

·         Extra accommodation charge in Nepalgunj, Simikot and Hilsa, if the flight cancelled due to bad weather condition

·         Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances

·         Porter and Yak/Pony during the Kailash Parikrama 




  • Duffle Bag
  • Cap
  • Jacket
  • Carry Bag
  • Yatra Completion Certificate 

Travel tips for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra


Best time to go: It is between May to October. This is the perfect time frame for visiting Kailash Mansarovar. The average temperature in summer is around 15 to 30 degree Celsius. The winters fall down to minus degree temperature.

Minimum age: Due to its extreme rigorous landscape one has to start exercising 6 months prior to the journey. At such a high altitude one faces different kinds of health issues. One has to be between the ages of 18-70 years for this pilgrimage tour.

Total Distance covered: You will have to cover around 32km on foot. Due to its religious significance, Mt. Kailash has never been scaled. Unlike an adventurous journey, one has to understand the sacred insights of the journey. This pilgrimage tour allows the devotees to encounter the divine power of the lord.

Festivals: If you are traveling between May to October it is advisable to travel during the full moon time. If you visit Lake Mansarovar on full moon night you will confront the religious saga of the beauty. Some beauties are quite difficult to express in words. The beauty of Kailash Mansarovar is kind of like that type of sacred beauty. Another recognized festival, Saga Dawa is widely celebrated in Mt. Kailash.

Physical fitness: Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a lifetime journey that engages the transformation of souls. While traveling to such a heavenly land one learns about the manifestations of divine power. One needs to sacrifice the vices to understand the supreme power of the divinity.

Height altitude: The optimum height to be reached in the course of the journey is 6637m (21778ft).

Local bus network: till Yamdwar our driver will drop you to carry out your further journey. From there onwards you will have to move forward mostly by foot.

Temperature: Due to its snow cladded mountains you will get cold weather all around the year. Summers are comparatively moderate in temperature but winters are literally cold. Mostly the pilgrims avoid such avoidable conditions for its extremities.


Basic Preparatory strategies


  • Start exercising at least 6 months prior to the journey. Either engages in swimming, running, cycling or jogging to keep you fit.
  • During the trekking you will have to carry your own luggage. For porters you will have to pay extra money. To avoid such adverse situation one should start trekking carrying different weights or backpack with little weights. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a strenuous journey requires strong shoulders and back to carry out the entire journey.
  • Before traveling to Kailash Mansarovar, it is better to check your health status properly on a regular basis.
  • If you are infected with asthma then you must take care of it.


Things to carry for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra


Important items

  • Passport
  • Passport sized photos
  • Photocopy of the first and last pages of Passport
  • Nepal Visa
  • Medical certificate Instruction sheet
  • Cash (INR/USD/Nepalese rupees/CNY)
  • Credit or Debit cards
  • Ruck sack with rain cover (not more than 20kg along with name tag)
  • Back pack or duffel bag with rain cover
  • Money pouch

Kind of clothing

  • Thermal (inner)
  • Track suit
  • Shirts (cotton and woolen)
  • Towels
  • Napkins
  • Woolen and cotton socks
  • Muffler
  • Balaclavas
  • Trekking shoes with proper grip
  • Flip flop or sandal
  • Shawl
  • Bed sheet
  • Sweater (high neck)
  • Wind cheater (water proof)
  • Night wears
  • Swim suit for holy dip at Mansarovar

Toiletry Items

  • Sunscreen cream (SPF +30)
  • Tooth paste and brush
  • Shampoo and soap
  • Moisturizer
  • Tissue paper and toilet paper
  • Hand mirror
  • Hair brush
  • Lip balm
  • Wet wipes
  • Body wipes

Other items

  • Camera (with spare batteries)
  • Torch light with spare batteries
  • Note book and pen
  • Water sipper
  • Dry foods
  • Sun glass
  • Rain coat
  • Thermos flask
  • Mug
  • Swiss knife
  • Shaving kit
  • Lock and key
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sewing kit
  • Air pillow

First Aid kit

  • Daimox
  • Paracetamol
  • Pain killer
  • Eye drops for burning eyes
  • Multi vitamin capsules
  • Water purifying tablets
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Antibiotic
  • Neospirin
  • Vicks
  • ORS
  • Dust mask

Cotton ear plugs 


Registration Process for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2021 – Enquiries Open – Bookings Starting 17 OCT 2020

1.         Fill out Booking form (Click Here) and email it to us at [email protected]

2.         Scanned passport copies (Colored copied is required for Non-Indian Passport Holders)

3.         Advance payment of INR 20,000 / USD 500 per person




Casual wears and comfortable walking shoes are recommended to travel to Tibet. Be sure to bring warm clothing as nights and early mornings can be quite chilly to downright cold. Indian woman Pilgrims are strictly advised not to war Sari. Bring all the film, medicine, cosmetics, personal toilet items etc. that you will need from home as these are difficult if not impossible to obtain on the way. A small first aid kit is also a good idea. Also quite useful to have a route map, to know where you are going and have been each day.

What to take:

Winter wear: Gore-Tex material though expensive is highly recommended to beat the chilling cold. Also carry down jacket, raincoat or windbreakers, thermal under wears, Jackets, warm trousers & woolen shirts (cotton will also do), warm sweaters, woolen gloves, sun hat, sun glass, comfortable shoes, light leather boots in case of snow, woolen balaclava (‘monkey cap’) & scarf/dust mask to protect your eyes & nose from dust and cold.

Bring with you:

Snacks along the way. Chocolates, dry fruit, toffees, glucose; ‘namkeen’ etc. Strong water bottle & water purifying tablets. Personal medical kit and Diamox tablet (for high altitude), Sun glasses (to protect your eyes from UV, which is especially strong in high altitudes), sun block or sun screen lotion, wet tissues (Fresh-ones are excellent to wipe off the dust), clothes-line/clips, needle & thread, deo-spray (handy for smelly boots/feet and for a round of spray in the toilet tent!), toilet paper, torch & spare batteries, daypack (small shoulder bag), Camera & films, Binocular.


This is one of the toughest high altitude road journeys on earth. You Must be physically fit – no two ways about that. Generally patients with asthma & heart problems have a problem acclimatizing to high altitudes. In your interests, it is essential that you be examined by your doctor to know about your health condition and your ability to cope up with the rigors of high altitude travel for days in ‘no road’ conditions, extreme cold, dust, trekking to an altitude of 19500ft during the Parikrama, etc.

Altitude Sickness:

As you are traveling over high terrain, you are likely to experience symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness (headache, loss of appetite, nausea, exhaustion, sleeplessness, breathlessness etc.) until your body adjusts to the elevation. This can take a couple of days or more depending on an individual. For this reason alone, we have made it mandatory to stay 2 nights at Nylam (12000ft) before moving on to the higher altitudes. Be calm, and do not exercise. Do not drink alcohol or smoke prior to and during the tour. We also recommend you carry a strip of diamox tablets. Do consult your physician on the dosage. We provide Gamow bag (a special equipment to prevent sickness from high altitude) on this tour.


The unit of Chinese currency is Yuan. USD 1 = 6.00 Yuan. 1 Yuan = INR 11.00 approx, Money can exchange at Bank of China at Zhangmu or from the locals at Zhangmu or Kodari. Exchange all your remaining Yuan at the end of the trip at Zhangmu itself before re-entering Nepal.

Risks & Liability:

NTP team and its associates will put every effort to make your journey smooth and pleasant. However, all the tours in Tibet are conduct strictly under the rules & regulation of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB).

Therefore, company and its counterpart shall not be responsible for any change and alteration in the program due to unavoidable circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay arrival, delay issue of permit and visa, sickness or accidents. Any extra cost incurred thereof shall be borne by the clients on the spot.


For booking we need Rs- 20,000/- per person with passport copy


  • Special Notes
    1. We strongly advise to allot 1-2 extra days to overcome any delays.
    2. Due to the nature of travel, there is always the possibility of change in the schedule. The Tour Operator or its partners shall not be liable for any such delays.
    3. NTP  has the right to change the Itinerary in the event of adverse weather condition or any unforeseen reason.
    4. The Group will be required to follow the itinerary strictly. The entire Group will enter & exit together as per schedule.


General Information regarding Kailash Mansarovar Tour


  • Personal Horse riding expenses, Personal use porter.
  • Travel insurance, Rescue and emergency evacuations service, medical and hospital expenses (in case you become sick on the way)
  •  Extra Night accommodation in Kathmandu /Timure/Kyirong/saga/ Darchan /Nepalganj/ Simikot or else at other places due to bad weather or any other Chinese reason is charged.
  • if returning earlier from Kailash Yatra, groups visa splitting charge each RMB 165 & extra transportation cost each $USD 100 / day.(China Govt –FEC rules)
  • Beverage/drinks and additional tips.


Process, Term& condition 


  • Necessary to send color Scan copy of Passport of pilgrimage with name list 40 days before departure for permits processing.
  • We need 6 Month valid ordinary Passport but Diplomat passport is not acceptable. 
  • We need Yatri’s  scan copy of  PAN card (Indian citizen only).
  • Should non refundable deposit Rs 20,000 or USD $ 500 per person as advance before processing.
  • Underutilized services due to unforeseen circumstances stands non refundable
  •  Indian pilgrimage – Should send Original Passport to our Delhi office By courier or speed post  15 days before from the departure date for China visa Process.
  • NRI/Other Citizen’s Original Passport will collect after arrival in Kathmandu.
  • Indian Pilgrims who are 70 Years or above:
  1. Has to submit Medical Report from Indian Government Hospital within 6 months before your journey starts. 
  2. Two direct relatives required.
  3. Has to deposit 1000$ (USD) before the journey to the company (China GOVT) for any sudden demise.
  4. Health examination is done before Parikrama by Chinese doctors. once you get the approval from doctor then only you can go for Parikrama.
  • Before the Kailash departures, must clear all remaining Payment.


Cancellation Policy:


  • Initial amount for booking is INR 20,000/- for Indians & USD 500 for NRI and Foreigners being non-refundable & nontransferable, once booked subsequently intended cancellations & delays caused due to natural, terrorist attack, political or by the Pilgrim modification reason  If the booking is cancelled 30 days prior to departure, INR 30,000 for Indians & USD 600 for foreigners would be charged as cancellation amount.
  • If the booking is cancelled 20 days prior to departure, 50% of the tour cost will be into cancellation process.
  • If the booking is cancelled 15 days prior to departure, there will be no refund.

If suddenly program has changed Due to weather problem, natural disaster, landslide, technical problem and political movement, Chinese reason, all additional expenses should be paid by themselves

General Information regarding Kailash Mansarovar Tour.


  • Insurance: Medical Insurance not compulsory for visa processing but will usefully you do insurance in case any health problem arises during travel.
  • Oxygen cylinder: Our Company will provide oxygen cylinder in emergency. Usually, oxygen cylinder is not required. However, some pilgrimage we prefer to carry their own handy oxygen cylinders. You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. It may cost approx. Yuan 20-30 per cylinder.
  • Food during Tour: Our cooks will be traveling with you during the entire trip. Our Staff will carry all necessary cooking items and will provide Indian vegetarian food during Yatra..

We recommend that you bring the following items to make your journey more comfortable:


  •  Wind Proof Jackets -1/ Towel-1 / Washing Kit – 1, Warm Thick Pullover-1, Rain Coat-1
  •  Pants-4/ Sun Heat-1, Cotton Full Sleeve-shirt – 4, Thermal Underpants-2        
  • Long/Vest /Warm Full T-Shirt – 2, Trekking Shoes -1, Rubber Sandal 1.
  • Warm Woolen Shocks – 5, Warm Gloves-1 – Water Bottle (1Ltr. Capacity)-1
  • Sun Glass-1 Flash Light with Extra Batteries-1, Sunscreen Lotion UV30+, lip guard /Moisturizer Cream-1
  • Pocket Knife/Sewing Kit/Button/Cigarette Lighter/Dust Masks-1

China Government Notice!!!-  Don’t take any picture, tape record, newspapers, political things or anything related to Dalai Lama , If found in Tibet, on the spot China Army will control and take legal action.  

  • Should carry dry food Items to make your journey  more comfortable              
  • Carry regular medicine – Diamox250 mg. 20 tablets and Personal First Aid Kit.
  • Money exchange: Others currency (except UDS $) are not accepted in China but is acceptable in Nepal. Pilgrimage should exchange your Currency to Chinese Currency in Kathmandu/Nepal.
  • Temperature - Average (May to September): 4 – 20 ºC Day Time / -1-2ºC Night Time


NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.

Registration No.: 55-108208
CIN Number: U63040DL2000PLC108208
TAN No.: DELN03919G
Tourism License no.: MOT171114113
GST No.: 07AABCN3802D1Z0